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Diabetes Screening

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Diabetes is becoming a huge worldwide issue and people need to be educated about it.

Lions Internationally has long been running a Diabetes Screening Day at many public events, and hosted by various Lions Clubs.

In our Tallaght Club we have been doing a FREE Diabetes Screening Day for the past couple of years. We do the screening in The Square Shopping Centre. The testing is done in Hickeys Pharmacy and the actual testing is done by the Order of Malta, as they are trained paramedics.

Though not a 'fasting test' it does give a good indication to a person that there may be a potential diabetes problem that needs to be further investigated by one's local Doctor.

The test is a simple pin prick to the middle or ring finger, a tiny drop of blood is then tested and you are given the result immediately. The Order of Malta will explain the results to you. The whole experience takes about five minutes.