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Message in a Bottle

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Our first project was Message in a Bottle and it was a great success.

At this point we have distributed about 4000 bottles in the Tallaght area with requests for more.

We canvassed every chemist in the Tallaght area, up as far as Citywest and all but one chemist agreed

to take some bottles and hand them to their customers. We also canvassed the GP's in the area and most

of them also have a supply of bottles. Message in a Bottles is an Emergency Information System which we

hope will save lives. It is a simple but effective scheme which provides vulnerable people or people living

on their own with vital lifesaving information. It is kept in a common place, the fridge, where it can easily

be found in the event of an emergency. You may ask "Why the fridge?"Apart from being a common location, it is

also the most likely place to survive a fire. In the case of an emergency, when Gardai, fire or ambulance services

arrive at the scene and find an individual in distress, they can immediately get the vital information that can save

a lot of time and if the individual needs hospitalisation, can also save the time of the hospital staff. Having this

information promptly could in some cases save a persons life. In the bottles you will find three labels and a form.

The lables will alert the Emergency Services that vital information is available. One of them should be placed near

near the front foor where it will be visible to the Emergency personnel, another by the back door and one on the fridge.

The information filled in on the form should include your personal details, a recent photograph, your doctor’s name and

telephone number, a brief description of any medical condition or allergies that you might have and your family contact

details. If you collect a grandchild from creche or school, this information should be recorded on the form if you have

a pet that will need looking after. Details of current medication and where it is stored should also be filled in and if

you have a repeat prescription you can attach it to the form. The completed from should be placed in the fridge.

Knowing that this information is available will give both the patient and their family peace of mind.

N.B. The bottles must contain details of one person only.

The Lions distribute the bottles to interested parties but we do not fill in the forms. If necessary, family

members, doctor or pharmacist should help with filling them in. The project has been launched throughout the country

and to date over 90,000 bottles have been distributed countrywide by Lions in the Greater Dublin area. The Dublin Fire

Brigade have also distributed bottles.